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Emerging from the pandemic, our perception of “normal life” has been completely turned on its head. Personally and professionally, we’ve had to adapt in ways that we couldn’t have ever imagined. For many of us, 2020 threw out our comfort and routine, forcing us to adapt like freelancers — demanding independence, agility, and tenacity.

The “Freelance” Campaign by TOMBOGO reflects on these parallels with an array of dynamic workwear garments that push adaptability to the forefront. 

In this collection, TOMBOGO celebrates the “freelancer” mentality that the pandemic has instilled in us, regardless of our professions. From independent creatives to full-time employees, this collection pays homage to what exactly it means to be a “Freelancer” in the ongoing pandemic — and the strength it’s brought out in all of us.

- 100% Cotton

- Double Puff Print

- Authentic TOMBOGO woven labels

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