Conveyor Bag
Conveyor Bag
Conveyor Bag
Conveyor Bag

Conveyor Bag

Regular price $140

The Conveyor Bag isa Trial by Error composite of Conveyor Belt parts.

A hybrid between a backpack and fanny pack, the Conveyor Bag by Tombogo exerts functionality in a compact form. Equip with multiple pockets for extensive organization and a quick release magnetic buckle, the Conveyor Bag has proven to be an essential accessory for any on the go situation.

  • Custom Bag Design
  • Made with military grade Cordura
  • Tombogo ID Velcro Patch
  • 5 Pockets 
  • Tombogo Logo Keychain (3D Print) *Collectable*
  • Custom "Tombogo : Conveyor" Straps
  • ​Proprietary Magnetic Buckle Closure
  • Color: Black/Grey/Red

​​Each Conveyor Bag is Built-to-Order and individually assembled by hand.